USB Flash Drive Reviews and Benchmarks

On this site, you will find personal reviews and benchmarks of USB flash pen drives. Otherwise known as: USB flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives, and USB sticks.


How our Pendrive Reviews are accomplished:

Our USB flashdrive reviews are based on the following elements:

  • Construction/Durability
  • Performance/Speed
  • Compatability
  • Features

Editors Choice Awards:

Editors Choice Awards

In addition, we offer Editors choice awards on USB product reviews that have exceeded our set criteria based on the previously listed elements.

All of our USB flash pen drive reviews and benchmarks are broken down by manufacturer/product and can be found categorized in the sidebar to the left.

  1. Staples Relay Micro Flash Drive Review and Benchmark

    Rating: 4
  2. RIDATA 16GB MicroSDHC Review and Benchmark

    Rating: 4
  3. Patriot XPorter XT Boost Review and Benchmark

    Rating: 4