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RIDATA 16GB MicroSDHC Review and Benchmark

RIDATA 16GB MicroSDHC Review and Benchmark; In this review, we focus on the 16GB MicroSDHC Lightning Series RiData memory card. The Lightning Series 16GB Micro SD HC Memory card offered by RIDATA sports “Class 6″ Speeds, and ships with a plastic carrier and multiple convenient SD adapters for use different card readers. However, we used a USB adapter for our Bench testing purposes and to compare how the card works against other USB Flash Drives.

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Ridata EZ Yego USB Drive Review

The Ridata EZ Yego USB Drive is definitely a unique device. It utilizes a neat branching concept, supplying a user with two additional USB ports when the drive is in use. These expansion ports can be used to plug in additional USB peripheral devices while still utilizing full functionality of the Yego storage device. It’s unique design features a “flux capacitor like look” with the bright activity led being placed in the center.

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Ridata Ritek MiniSpin Flashdrive Review

The Ritek MiniSpin is a pen drive with a neat little twist “literally”. It’s inner housing is able to spin within the outer casing concealing or exposing the usb prong and eliminating the need for a cap to protect it from the elements. It utilizes a small yellowish green LED that remains solid once plugged in and flickers with drive activity. The Ritek Mini Spin does feature a switch to disable writing to the device.

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