Centon Rush USB 3.0 Benchmark and Review

The following is a review of an 8GB Centon Rush 3.0 USB flash drive (provided courtesy of Centon). The Centon Rush thumb drive is USB 3.0 capable, and features a sliding knife type housing, which conceals and protects the USB dongle when it is not plugged in, and eliminates the possibility of losing a cap. A non-obtrusive light blue LED is built into the end of the stick and flickers with activity.

Centon Rush 3.0 8GB Thumb Drive Image:

Centon Rush 3.0

8GB Centon Rush 3.0 Speed Benchmarking Test:

The following read/write file benchmark test was established using the flash memory toolkit on an 8GB Centon Rush 3.0 USB drive.

CENTON Rush 3.0 Benchmark Test

Compatible with USB Bootable Linux?:

We were able to run YUMI on this device “out of the box”.

Conclusion: With the 8GB Centon Rush 3.0 plugged into my USB 3.0 port, it leveraged 28344 KB/s average read and 4051 KB/s average write speeds through the benchmark test. Much like the Centon Secure+, this drive should work fine for storing and running portable applications or live linux distributions.

Editors Flash Drive Rating

Rating: 3.5