Centon Secure+ Benchmark and Review

An 8GB Centon Secure+ USB flash drive (provided courtesy of Centon) is the focus for this review. The Centon flash drive features a nice silver finish on it’s housing that resembles a Macbook Pro Case. The drive is about the size of a small thumb in both width and length, so it fits nicely in even confined spaces. A white LED is built into the end of the stick and flickers with activity. The Centon Secure+ series ships with Mac only hardware data protection software that can be used to lock and protect your data when run from a Mac.

Centon Secure + 8GB Thumb Drive Images:

Centon Secure+ 8GB USB Thumb Drive

8GB Centon Secure + Speed Benchmarking Test:

The following read/write file benchmark test was established using the flash memory toolkit on an 8GB Centon Secure + USB drive.

8GB CENTON Secure+ Benchmark

Data Encryption Software:

The USB Disk Pro data encryption software that ships with the Centon Secure+ Flash Drive works well, however it should be noted that it works only from a Mac. USB Disk Pro can be used to prevent others from accessing whatever is stored on the device.

Compatible with USB Bootable Linux?:

We were able to run YUMI on this device “out of the box”.

Conclusion: The 8GB Centon Secure+ pushed 28149 KB/s average read and 4221 KB/s average write speeds during our file benchmark testing. We could not get the low level benchmark test to run on this drive for some unknown reason. Although the write speeds are a on the slower side, this drive should work well for daily use and for storing and running portable applications/linux distributions. I really liked how well the Centon Secure+ finish matched that of my Macbook Pro, and the data protection feature worked well. Although I must note that if you enter the wrong password more than six times, the drive is automatically formatted.

Editors Flash Drive Rating

Rating: 3