OCZ ATV Benchmark and Review

In the following review, we are focusing on the 2GB OCZ ATV USB flash drive (provided courtesy of OCZ). The OCZ ATV flash drive features a thick, rugged, shock resistant and waterproof housing. It would be really hard to beat this drive up. It also sports a chained cap holder to prevent it’s user from losing the cap. Like many other quality OCZ products, this drive utilizes a bright orange LED that remains lit when the flash drive is plugged in and flickers with activity.

OCZ ATV Images:

OCZ ATV 2GB USB flash drive

OCZ ATV Speed Benchmarking Test:

The following read/write file benchmark and low level read/write benchmark tests were established using the flash memory toolkit on a 2GB OCZ ATV USB flash drive.

OCZ ATV File Benchmark

OCZ ATV Low Level Benchmark Test

Compatible with USB Bootable Linux?:

We were able to successfully boot STUX Linux from this device without any problems. Other USB Linux distributions should work as well.

Conclusion: The OCZ ATV performed well in our benchmark. With excellent 28.5MB/s average read speeds and decent 11.8MB/s write speeds. Although not as fast as the OCZ Rally2 Turbo, I really enjoyed using this drive and feel it’s rubberized/waterproof durability makes up for what it lacks in speed.

How does the OCZ ATV flash drive Rank?:

Four Star Editors Choice AwardWe honor this OCZ ATV with our Editors Choice Top 4 Star Rating based on the following:

  • One Star For Construction/Durablility
  • One Star for Performance/Speed
  • One Star for Compatibility
  • One Star for Features

Editors Flash Drive Rating

Rating: 4