OCZ Rally2 TURBO Flashdrive Review

In the following review, we focus on the 4GB OCZ Rally2 TURBO USB flash drive (provided courtesy of OCZ). This awesome ultra dual channel flash drive shares many key features with it’s ancestor, the OCZ Rally2 (Second Gen) flash drive. Features such as a solid and rugged black housing with removable cap and a bright orange LED. However, the internal workings of the OCZ Rally2 TURBO and the performance gains it has to offer are much improved and differ greatly from previous generation devices.

According to OCZ specifications, “Up to 35MB/s (read), 30MB/s (write) ” this should be the fastest dual channel drive on the market. Let’s run a a couple of benchmark tests and come to our own conclusion.

OCZ Rally2 TURBO Images:

OCZ Rally 2 Turbo

OCZ Rally2 TURBO Speed Benchmarking:

The following read/write file benchmark and low level read/write benchmark tests were established using the flash memory toolkit on a 4GB OCZ Rally2 TURBO USB flashdrive.

4GB OCZ Rally 2 TURBO File Benchmark Test

4GB OCZ Rally 2 TURBO Low Level Benchtest

Compatible with USB Bootable Linux?:

We were able to successfully boot a full installation Portable SUSE from this device without a single hiccup. The performance was awe inspiring.

Conclusion: The OCZ Rally2 TURBO is to date, clearly the fastest USB flash drive we have had the opportunity to test. Showing outstanding 31.2MB/s average read speeds and 29.3.8MB/s write speeds. The write speeds are nearly “double” that of the previous generation OCZ Rally2, making this flash drive truly the ultimate candidate for storing and running portable applications.

How does the OCZ Rally 2 TURBO Rank?:

Four Star Editors Choice AwardWe honor this OCZ Rally2 TURBO with our Editors Choice Top 4 Star Rating based on the following:

  • One Star For Construction/Durablility
  • One Star for Performance/Speed
  • One Star for Compatibility
  • One Star for Features

Editors Flash Drive Rating

Rating: 4