PQI i810 mini I-Stick Flashdrive Review

The PQI i810 mini Intelligent Stick is a super tiny flashdrive. This drive has had the honor of being placed in the smallest flash drive in the world category. It features a retractable USB prong, eliminating the need for a cap to protect it from the elements. The outer housing is made up of brushed aluminum with molded plastic ends. This drive does not feature an activity LED or a switch to disable writing to the device.

PQI i810 mini I-Stick Images:

PQI i810 Intelligent Stick Screenshot

PQI i810 mini I-Stick Benchmark:

The following read/write file benchmark and low level read/write benchmark tests were established using the flash memory toolkit on a 2GB PQI i810 flashdrive.

PQI i810 Intelligent Stick File Speed Benchmark

PQI i810 Intelligent Stick Low Level Speed Benchmark

Compatible with USB Bootable Linux?:

Using Linux, we were able to create a persistent partition on this device and boot Ubuntu saving changes to the persistent partition. However, I personally prefer to use qemu persistent Linux on this drive and I bring it with me wherever I go.


A Benchtest resulted in awesome 29.8MB/s average read speeds, and 8.9MB/s average write speeds. This drive could comfortably be used for portable Linux or portable applications. The retractable usb prong feature, quick read speed and compact size of this drive make it a great all around drive. But, we wish it would have come with an LED to help track drive activity.

Editors Flash Drive Rating

Rating: 3.5