Ridata EZ Yego USB Drive Review

The Ridata EZ Yego USB Drive is definitely a unique device. It utilizes a neat branching concept, supplying a user with two additional USB ports when the drive is in use. These expansion ports can be used to plug in additional USB peripheral devices while still utilizing full functionality of the Yego storage device. It’s unique design features a “flux capacitor like look” with the bright activity led being placed in the center.

In addition the Ridata Yego EZdrive comes with a nice portable application called Webaroo Portable which allows it’s user to save web pages while working online and then view those web pages in their entirety from the portable device (even without an internet connection). Pretty slick!

Ridata EZ Yego USB Flash Drive Images:

Ridata EZ Yego USB drive Screenshot

Yego Flash Drive Benchmark:

The following read/write file benchmark and low level read/write benchmark tests were established using the flash memory toolkit on a 1GB Yego Flash Drive.

Yego File Benchmark

Yego 1GB Low Level Benchmark Speed Test

Compatible with USB Bootable Linux?:

Not yet tested

Review Conclusion:

Our Benchtest resulted in 11.3MB/s average read speeds, and 3.1MB/s average write speeds. Although this isn’t the fastest pendrive we have tested, we think it has a solid feel and did enjoy the unique USB expansion port feature, huge bright LED and the inclusion of the Webaroo Portable software.

Editors Flash Drive Rating

Rating: 3.5