Staples Relay Micro Flash Drive Review and Benchmark

The following is a review of a 16 GB Staples Relay Micro USB Flash Drive (purchased out of pocket). The first thing a person will notice about the Staples Relay Micro Flash Drive it resembles a wireless USB or Bluetooth Dongle. This thing is tiny, about equivalent to the size of my thumbnail.. It comes with a dust cap, and sports a blinking red LED that flickers with activity.

16 GB Staples Relay Micro USB Flash Drive

Staples Relay Flash Drive

16 GB Staples Relay Micro Flash Drive Benchmark Test

The following read/write file benchmark test was established using the flash memory toolkit on an 16GB Staples Relay Flash Drive.

Staples Relay Benchmark

Staples Relay Low Level Bench test

Compatible with USB Bootable Live Linux?:

We were able to run YUMI on this device “out of the box”.

Conclusion: This Staples Relay averaged 26.5 MB/s read and 9.4 MB/s write speeds through the low level benchmark tests. With it’s fast write speeds, this drive should work well for storing and running portable applications or live linux distributions, it feels solid and durable, is offered at an excellent price point, and doesn’t get in the way by protruding from the port like other drives do. 4 Star Drive Here!

Four Star Editors Choice AwardWe honor this Staples 16GB Micro USB with our Editors Choice Top 4 Star Rating based on the following:

  • One Star For Construction/Durablility
  • One Star for Performance/Speed
  • One Star for Compatibility
  • One Star for Features/Price point

Editors Flash Drive Rating

Rating: 4